Congratulations PBworks!

If you haven’t tried a “pb”wiki, it’s definitely time you tried the new “PB”works. This fast-growing, collaborative web platform company provides enterprises and educators… small and large… a wonderful way to do all those important knowledge management things with what they know:
Create it
Capture it
Secure it
Combine it
Pool it
Edit it
Connect it
Share it
Transfer it
Distribute it
Network it
Web 2.0 it
Manage it
Workflow it
Search it
Filter it
Locate it
Store it
Use it
Reuse it
Experience it

It’s the PERFECT knowledge management tool! Take a bite out of your workload with the new PBworks!

If you’ve been wondering why my provocative posts have been absent from the web, I must admit that I have spent an intense nine months implementing a knowledge management initiative and customer solution-driven PBworks wiki at SCFM. I’m already busy doing the same (and putting another PBworks wiki together) for a soon-to-open non-profit middle and high school serving the Asperger community. For all my friends and business associates and anyone who’ll listen, I’m recommending you try PBworks. It works!

p.s. I promise to start posting again!