Is Social Media/Computing the New KM?

Certainly seems so. In addition to preparing a presentation about Enterprise 2.0, I recently listened in on PBworks webinar with Forrester Research Senior Analyst Oliver Young, who highlighted that the old KM was document-centric, and the new KM combines the old with a people-centric focus. Novel idea! And perhaps best facilitated with Social Media/Computing. Yes?

Wasn’t KM 1.0 “supposed” to focus on PEOPLE, process and technology? Perhaps web 2.0 technologies and OSS (open source software, like Drupal) offer new prospects for the accepting integration of KM into organizations that might otherwise be confused about the KM identity. Perhaps we can “sneak” it into the hallways and break rooms.

KM is definitely in an identity crisis, and I believe for all practical matters, has been in one in the US. Why is it that they get it in Asia and Europe? And why are employers in the US still all over the board about a definition for KM jobs? Do KMers fall into IT? HR? or any other number of acronyms? How does one specialize in KM when a successful KMer is a management generalist with the ability to pull diverse disciplines together in a cohesive strategy?

Continuing to ponder this and other ways to use new tools. Per a tweet today in the KM community: “RT @euan @vanderwal: From @nahumg: RT @lucian: Easier to give communities tools than to give tools communities. < spot on! #e2.0”