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Michelle Farabough is a knowledge and information management professional, bringing people, process, organizational knowledge, and innovative technology together by creating custom solutions to get the right information to the right people at the right moment. Currently, Michelle is working toward a PhD in Interdisciplinary Information Science, at the University of North Texas and concentrating her efforts in Health Information. Formerly she worked with faculty and resident researchers at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine Center for Health Outcomes and Improvement Research in Tulsa, OK, where she disseminated research findings, coordinated the flow of information between/among faculty physicians and residents, and assisted with grant proposals. Michelle holds a Master of Science degree in Knowledge Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Oklahoma. Prior to starting KMRM (Knowledge Management Risk Management) Consulting, LLC she was principal at Farabough & Co., where she created custom multi-media marketing and communication solutions for universities, international corporations, and non-profit organizations. Michelle has presented at the CDC National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing and Media and the International Conference on Knowledge Management. As Assistant to the Publisher and Creative Director for Tulsa People Magazine and Langdon Publishing Co., Michelle assisted non-profit and for-profit organizations in the mass communication of their message.

Gotta love incubators!

I am preparing a presentation for this year’s KPM (Knowledge and Project Management) Conference at the University of Oklahoma-Tulsa campus in August. I’ve been assigned to the business innovators and incubators presenters group. According to my professors I’m a “serial” entrepreneur.

Because of my heightened interest in the power of wikis as an innovative knowledge management tool, I continue to follow Wasabi Ventures (PB Works), who also brings us SiteBattles, Song Journals, and a list of other hit and hip internet toys. And, again… this new genre of social networking “networking” is, well, innovative! Example: I linked the Song Journals to my Facebook account where my fellow high school graduates are planning our 30th class reunion. This new “concert venue” will probably be great fun for those of us who shared junior or high school or even college together, as that is when the songs and what they said made a BIG difference in our lives.


Managing knowledge (and communication) for the family reunion…

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Little did I know that my KM skills would prove useful for planning a family reunion. But alas… I have been working on bringing people, processes and technology together… getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

One such resource has been Smilebox. (See my creation above.) It’s a great little program for sharing information by way of photos and text. Likewise, my mother and I honed our humorous writing skills by composing a tongue-in-cheek communique for the “family.”

Trying to figure out the logistics (processes) for getting everyone where they need to be when they are supposed to be there… and feeding/entertaining them all… has been a lesson in the organization of information.

Stay tuned… And live vicariously. I guarantee you some good laughs!

Congratulations PBworks!

If you haven’t tried a “pb”wiki, it’s definitely time you tried the new “PB”works. This fast-growing, collaborative web platform company provides enterprises and educators… small and large… a wonderful way to do all those important knowledge management things with what they know:
Create it
Capture it
Secure it
Combine it
Pool it
Edit it
Connect it
Share it
Transfer it
Distribute it
Network it
Web 2.0 it
Manage it
Workflow it
Search it
Filter it
Locate it
Store it
Use it
Reuse it
Experience it

It’s the PERFECT knowledge management tool! Take a bite out of your workload with the new PBworks!

If you’ve been wondering why my provocative posts have been absent from the web, I must admit that I have spent an intense nine months implementing a knowledge management initiative and customer solution-driven PBworks wiki at SCFM. I’m already busy doing the same (and putting another PBworks wiki together) for a soon-to-open non-profit middle and high school serving the Asperger community. For all my friends and business associates and anyone who’ll listen, I’m recommending you try PBworks. It works!

p.s. I promise to start posting again!

Hello “customer” Team Members!

Current “co-workers”:

This is the blog I started while I was at OU studying for my Masters in Knowledge Management. As you can see, I stopped blogging about the time I started consulting. There’s only so much time in the day. For current customers, perhaps getting you guys up and running on your new pbwiki ( and creating my own home page as an example for you will inspire me to start posting on my blog again. If you’re interested in setting up a blog, twitter account, custom wiki or any of MANY Web 2.0 technologies, I’m glad to show you how!