About this knowledge café

This blog offers a full blend of musings about communication, knowledge sharing and knowledge management. My goal is to openly discuss current events and controversies in the organization and communication of information and knowledge.

This social media forum has been carefully prepared for you by me: a recent Masters of Science in Knowledge Management (MSKM) graduate at the University of Oklahoma, studying under Dr. Betsy Van der Veer Martens, Dr. Cecelia Brown, and Dr. Suliman Hawamdeh .

In 2007, I presented a paper (co-authored by Dr. Hawamdeh and Martha Zapata de Roblye, an OU masters graduate in organizational dynamics) entitled “The Moderating Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Dysfunctional Mental Models: A Framework for Enhancing Communication and Knowledge Sharing” at the ICKM 2007 in Vienna. I previously served as a graduate assistant conducting literature review and research for Dr. Hawamdeh and Dr. Kim in the OU KM department. I currently act as an editor for a number of authors, including those who submitted papers for the ICKM (International Conference for Knowledge Management) and those in the OU T-Comm Engineering Department. I’ve served as an intern in the capacity of “Archives Coordinator” for Saint Francis Health System prior to my graduation. My undergraduate degree is in Journalism and Mass Communication, with a minor in Marketing. Prior to the formation of KMRM Consulting, I provided consulting in marketing, communication and graphic design.

My passions include “the arts” (visual, literature, performance and music), philosophy, and assisting with non-profit organizations. I currently serve as marketing chair for our area American Red Cross Blood Services board. Please donate! Many of our local arts groups, including the symphony, opera, and two theatre groups, as well as local artisans, galleries, and festival groups have allowed me to assist them in their quest promoting the arts or, in the words of the Viennese “Der Zeit ihre Kunst, der Kunst ihre Freiheit” (a phrase taken from the Secession building I saw while I was in Vienna) which translates: “For the time, its Art–for Art, its freedom.”

If you’re thirsty for something (other than more knowledge about me… Michelle Farabough) check out Starbucks’ coffee menu. Enjoy your favorite drink while you peruse this blog!



  1. Gosh, Michelle, no wonder I haven’t seen or heard from you in forever! I am impressed with the credentials!! Let’s do lunch (of course with Ken and Robin) after comps!! Great information on the site also.


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