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Authors and Researchers:

Batelle, John: “The Search”, i.e. How Google is changing the way we search for info

Buckland, Michael: “information as a thing”; leading author in LIS field, including library services, information retrieval, cultural heritages, and the historical development of Information Management; concerned with metadata, electronic retrieval vocabularies

Case, Donald: “Looking for Information: A survey of research on information seeking, needs, and behavior”

Choo, Chun Wei: leading author in information research and concepts… browsing, (environmental) scanning and serendipity; OL; browsing; tacit, explicit and cultural knowledge

Cortada, James: “Making the information society: Experiences, consequences, and possibilities”

Hawamdeh, Suliman: “Knowledge Management”

Klein and Saunders: Ten Steps to Organizational Learning

Peters, Tom: leading, contemporary management expert and author

Senge, Peter: “The Fifth Discipline”

Taylor, Robert: Value-added processes in information systems

Taylor, Alene: “The organization of information”

Wenger, Etienne: “Communities of Practice: Learning, meaning and identity”



Bates: berry-picking, i.e. pick info and sources from a vast variety

Belkin: ASK = anomalous state of knowledge, i.e. building on other info we already have and whether an anomaly creates additional info seeking

Dervin: sense-making, i.e. need for info driven by our need to understand our world

Erdelez: accidental discovery of info, serendipity and incidental learning

Gross: imposed query

Kuhlthua: learning as a process with uncertainty as beginning stage of research and expressed in stages

Krikelas: ordinary life, i.e. info seeking with uncertainty as motivation and using personal memory/recall or personal contacts to get answer

Pettigrew (Fisher): professionals and work-related processes

Shannon and Weaver: communication model with sender, receiver and noise

Zipf: least effort



ALA: American Library Association

ASLA: American Special Library Association

ASIST: American Society of Information, Science and Technology

IKMS: International Knowledge Management Society

PKP: Public Knowledge Project



Federal Privacy Act, 1974

PCIO vs. Board of Education, 1982

Electronic Communication Privacy Act, 1986

HIPPA, 1996

Financial Services Modernization Act, 1999

Security and Freedom through Encryption Act, 1999

Sarbanes-Oxley Act, 2002



IT Toolbox

Tech Republic

BBC Technology RSS news feed

Gurteen Knowledge

First Monday






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