Communicating on the web…

Thanks to Scott Karp and Publishing 2.0, anyone who has any hesitancy or wonderment about the 21st century journalist can now be FULLY informed! His January 21 post—“The Only Way For Journalists To Understand The Web Is To Use It” (and the EXCELLENT reader comments, including responses from bloggers Colin Mulvany and  Howard Owens)—sums “the (r)evolution of media” up very well.

I especially enjoyed Karp’s detailed comparison of linear print publishing and dynamic web publishing. Having lived through the multi-generational life of print production and paper communication, I must admit that I was part of the “resistance.” It wasn’t until my blog was imposed upon me that I found delight and amazement in this type of publishing. As I remain true to my mission, I find Karp’s post a wonderful aid to articulate my belief that it’s ALL about communication, so… Just Communicate!

The web and its social network accomplishes this in ways that still both astonish and allude many. For all who remain as scared as I was, follow Karp’s advice: “The only way to really understand web publishing intuitively is to DO IT.”


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