Oft times knowledge comes in disguise

Sometimes it’s our lack of knowledge, that when put into a new framework, becomes knowledge that is real. And valuable. And lasting. And most beneficial to Self and others in our communities of practice. 

Other times it’s in our failures that knowledge emerges as motivation and the needed realization that what matters most is progress, not perfection.

Knowledge can be painful. Knowledge can arrive unexpectedly. Knowledge can be a gift from our colleagues and our friends.

Knowledge managers are characteristically good at taking a step back to examine the big picture. And although the semester is not yet over, this Thanksgiving weekend I took a step back and realized that the knowledge I’ve gained over the last 16 weeks came to me in spoonfuls I didn’t expect. It wasn’t book knowledge or concept knowledge or technical knowledge. It had been disguised. Disguised as worry over deadlines; frustration over Dreamweaver; obsession over achievement.

This semester the knowledge I gained and which will be of MOST value in the “real” world is the awareness of our self-inflicted expectations, which can become counter-productive, even paralyzing… personally and in groups and organizations. Knowledge Management is a discipline about learning organizations and organizational learning. (Thank you Dr. Hawamdeh, Peter Kline, and Bernard Saunders). It’s full of philosophical, psychological, yet practical frameworks and mental models aimed at optimizing long-term productivity.

It might not be reflected in projects, papers, or grades; however, after this semester, I’m older and wiser.


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