Managing Knowledge

If you’re wondering why there has been a lapse in my posting…  I’ve been VERY busy managing knowledge–MY OWN!

All my creative and reflective thoughts have been pre-empted by a gazillion papers and projects, and an attempt to learn Dreamweaver and design the ICKM 2008 website.

This year Thanksgiving comes December 8 at my house! A paper I’m writing for Dr. Brown’s online research methods class, which discusses the differences between Zipf’s theory of Least Effort and Marcia Bates theory of Berrypicking as they relate to online searching, will be my LAST for the semester. It’s due due December 7. 

As far as communication and knowledge management is concerned… I AM Just Communicating! …everything I’ve learned this semester in deliverables to my professors within the next few weeks. 


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