Is library 2.0 communication? Can it be?

Today started out like most Mondays. You know, “Monday Monday”…

The one bright spot was taking a break to support a fellow colleague at the ACRL-OK conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her (Linda Summers) poster presentation on libraries and blogging as a way to COMMUNICATE with patrons caught the eye and attention of keynote speaker David Silver.

A comment David made gave me hope that the human element of our technological patch for communicating could live a REAL life, not a second life. When asked about blogging, his advice was to make your blog about YOU. What that said to me is put your “person”ality into the mass media, in this case web technologies. My cynicism is being questioned. Could blogging actually be a way to facilitate communicating on a more personable, intimate, friendly way? Come to think about it, my online classes are proving this to be true…

David offered pitfalls of one-topic blogs, of blog anxiety to “produce”, of blog burn-out, of maintaing both a “professional” and a personal blog… He reminded us that variety is the spice of life–that it’s nice to sprinkle short posts in with more lengthy ones. He demonstrated to me in just a few short minutes his excitement about blogging… (check his out! Silver in SF) and how fun AND personable the social networking technologies can actually be! Already this evening he has posted photos HE took of us on his Flickr photostream. And he wrote about us on his blog!

THIS Monday turned out to be an inspiring day. Maybe I should blog about it.


One Comment

  1. it was a nice monday, wasn’t it?

    “What that said to me is put your “person”ality into the mass media”

    exactly! ooh, i love that term, “person”ality. the internet in general and blogging in particular can be cold and creepy places – it’s up to us to inject some life, real life, into and through it.

    it was great to meet you and your crew in tulsa.


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