The School of Athens is HUGE! Do you think that “big?”

The everyday, little revelations we have are usually the genesis of some of our most profound philosophies. Did the great thinkers come up with their theories this way?

I had one of those aha moments today, thanks to one of my friends and a lunch conversation we shared. While driving (when I do ALL my best thinking) this morning, I wondered how we decide which car to buy, where to live, and why we do what we do for a living.

I once had someone tell me that being practical is over-rated. I had just bought a SUV cross-over vehicle instead of the open-air Jeep I had always dreamed of. Today I saw “my” Jeep on the road and wondered “are most of us too practical?” Are most of the decisions we make based on givens or situations we convince ourselves are limiting or “just the way it is” keeping us, in fact, “stuck” in our situation? AND, what happens to those who instead make their situation based on active and deliberate decisions they make? When I posed this question at lunch, my friend said, “This sounds like a KM blog to me!” So here it is.

Peter Kline and Bernard Saunders’

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