From one school of thought to another…

Imagine Plato and Aristotle on the steps of the Athens Knowledge Café. They invite Socrates and Euclid to join them inside for a mocha chino and a little bit of knowledge sharing. From the School of Athens to the School of Knowledge Management… just how has the knowledge of ancient philosophers and scientists come to rest in our hands? Through communication!

This, then, is the goal of this blog: to define and discuss how we can best utilize “communication” to share our thoughts, ideas, methods, emotions, and information from one to another.

The fresco painting above is indeed entitled “School of Athens” and can be found among the Raphael rooms at the Vatican Museum in Rome. (Starbucks coffee is not allowed in the galleries.) I had the chance to revisit this masterpiece while I was on holiday following the ICKM 2007 in Vienna.
While studying it I was reminded that the image offers a great metaphor for an important part of knowledge management (KM), namely knowledge sharing or more simply put–effective communication.

To learn about the amazing correlation between Raphael’s “School of Athens” and KM, visit artcyclopedia.



  1. Always loved this painting: have seen the metaphor it represents discussed in several scholarly articles, but never in the context of KM!


  2. I like that Raphael includes his own self-portrait, sort of in the midst of and at the same time, peeking out at all that genius…. How appropriate!


  3. I was directed here by David Weinberger’s blog. Damn. You are doing something very cool here. Hopefully I will be able to drop in for a cup of tea and conversation occasionally.


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